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The title sequence for Doctor Who Series 8 has been inspired by a fan-made creation.

Billy Hanshaw, a motion graphics designer from Leeds, put together his own version of a title sequence for Peter Capaldi’s Doctor, which he uploaded to YouTube and received over 700,000 views. It was eventually watched by showrunner, Steven Moffat.

Speaking at the New York World Tour, Moffat said: “Hanshaw created this title sequence, put it up on YouTube. I happened to cross it, and it was the only new title idea I’d seen since 1963.

“We got in touch with him, and said, okay, we’re going to do that one.”

The original fan-made title sequence is available to watch on YouTube.

The new title sequence, inspired by Hanshaw’s creation, will be unveiled on Saturday, 23rd August, when ‘Deep Breath’ airs at 7:50pm on BBC One.

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