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What happened during John Hurt’s War Doctor years?

Steven Moffat has given an insight on what he believes happened during John Hurt’s War Doctor years.

Speaking to Doctor Who Magazine, Moffat said: “I assume what’s been happening during the John Hurt years that we never saw, is that he battled hard and fiercely in a way that the other Doctors would not have done, and that he was a dangerous and difficult man.”

“But in his view he was not living up to the standards. I mean, by involving himself in an ongoing war – I always thought that sounded odd.”

He added: “I remember when David Tennant said, ‘I fought in the Time War’. I thought, ‘The Doctor in a war?’ I mean, the Doctor may be saving people at the fringes of a war, or stopping a war, but I could never imagine him being in one.”

“But John Hurt’s Doctor is the one who was.”

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