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Joanna Page said said that her Queen Elizabeth “could come back” to Doctor Who.

Speaking to the Radio Times, Page said: “She probably could. We haven’t discussed it, but I bet she probably could come back.”

“It meant loads to my family doing Doctor Who, and when we sat round and watched it felt so special. It was amazing doing to the 50th Anniversary. The best part was working with John Hurt, because I admired him for years and years and years.”

‘The Day of the Doctor’ was the most viewed drama on the BBC in 2013.

The 50th Anniversary Special was watched by an average of 12.8 million viewers on BBC One in the UK, with an additional 3.2 million requests on BBC iPlayer.

The 75-minute special was shown on TV in 98 countries and was broadcast in 15 languages. It also sold 649,138 cinema tickets in 25 countries.

More info from the BBC’s Annual Report can be found here.

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