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Suranne Jones, who played Idris in ‘The Doctor’s Wife’ has said she’d be interested in returning to Doctor Who.

Speaking on a Big Finish Podcast, she said: “Wouldn’t it be nice if Peter Capaldi walked into one of his rooms in the TARDIS and found Idris’ body there, plugged her in and had a little adventure with her?”

When asked if she’d return: “Yeah, of course!”

TARDIS Blipvert - Classic Doctor Who on Horror Channel starts on Friday, 18th April at 7pm.

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A Police Box has been unveiled to the public in Boscombe.

The box, which looks very similar to the TARDIS, was officially unveiled at 11:30am on Tuesday, 8th April 2014.

Dorset Police said it would act as a visible presence to tackle crime, as well as being a tourist attraction, and is one of only two operational boxes in the country - the other located in London.

Tobias Ellwood, Bournemouth East MP said: “Boscombe has had its challenges with anti-social behaviour but it is a vibrant community.”

"The box itself is now a fantastic, iconic symbol of a desire by the police and the community to be very optimistic about where this part of Bournemouth is going."

He added: “I couldn’t help but notice that many in the crowd were dressed up as Doctor Who figures - there was even a Dalek there.”

Before the unveiling, Tony Tester, chair of Dorset Police tweeted: “Off to the launch of the new police box this morning by car not time travel.”

The design of the box is based on the 1929 version, created for the Metropolitan Police and made famous worldwide by the Doctor Who TV series.

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