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Matt Smith has said the regeneration fans saw in The Time of the Doctor was very different to other versions he filmed.

Speaking at the WonderCon Q&A, Smith said: “It’s very interesting the Christmas episode and particularly the regeneration. We shot so many versions of that.”

“We shot much more brutal, emotional and troubling takes and stories in there. The actual take that is used is an interesting one for me,” he elaborated.

Smith doesn’t go into any further details, but admits he would have preferred one of the alternative regenerations.

He said: “To be honest, although it’s still a great episode, I think perhaps of what we shot and what was cut I would have chosen differently.”

33 years ago today, Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor regenerated into Peter Davison’s Fifth Doctor in ‘Logopolis’ (1981).

The Tenth Doctor “Regenerates” - The Stolen Earth (2008)

Reunited with Rose Tyler, but exterminated by a rogue Dalek, the Tenth Doctor’s body begins to glow. Diverting some regenerative energy into his previously-dismembered hand, the Doctor appears to survive unscathed. Only later do we learn that this was indeed a full regeneration, but that the Doctor kept the same face out of vanity!

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