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Peter Capaldi’s Cardinal Richelieu will have died in The Musketeers Series 2.

Speaking to the Radio Times, Tom Burke who plays Athos said that Capaldi’s character “will be dead” in the show’s second series. The new villain will be played by Marc Warren, who previously starred as Elton in 2006 Doctor Who episode, ‘Love & Monsters’.

“Come the next series, the Cardinal will be dead. He’ll just be gone,” Burke said.

“We’re all like, ‘Where’s the Cardinal? Oh he’s dead.’ It’s a great example of economic storytelling. Their new nemesis will be Rochefort, who’s played by Marc Warren.”

Filming of both The Musketeers Series 2 and Doctor Who Series 8 has begun and will continue over the next few months.

Filming of Doctor Who Series 8 on Tuesday, 15th April 2014.

Here we see Jenna Coleman in costume for episode 3, written by Mark Gatiss. The episode is Robin Hood themed with the title rumoured to be ‘Robots of Sherwood’.

(Photo 1 by Kateee / Photo 2 by Colin Waymark​ / Photo 3 by Girly Letters)

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