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Mark Gatiss has spoken on a possible return of The Master in Doctor Who Series 8.

Speaking to Adoro Cinema, Gatiss said: “I think anything is possible, but with this new Doctor, I think it’s important not to get stuck on old preferences.”

He added: “When I was little, Tom Baker took over as Doctor and had a complete change of monsters. The Zygons and the Krynoids are fantastic. It’s always nice to have new things.”

Doctor Who Series 8 will air later in 2014 on BBC One.

Major Villain returning in Doctor Who Series 8?

There are rumours that a major villain is returning in Doctor Who Series 8.

If you don’t like to read spoilers, please don’t read the following story.





The Master has been rumoured to return in Series 8 for a while now, but according to Sylvester McCoy, the rumours are true.

Speaking on a panel at Newcastle Film and Comic Con, McCoy said The Master is returning, but wont be played by John Simm. This is according to attendees of the event.

McCoy didn’t reveal exactly who had been cast, but said the actor will be “very scary” in the role.

You also have to question why McCoy would have been told, as he is not currently involved with production of the show.

It is possible that McCoy is just reading into previous rumours or joking around.

Assuming there’s more to it, the name frequently coming up is veteran actor Charles Dance, but as we said, these are just rumours.

Doctor Who Series 8 is due to air later in 2014 on BBC One.

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