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Jenna Coleman has spoken about the Twelfth Doctor and the day-to-day life of Clara Oswald in Doctor Who Series 8.

Speaking in the latest issue of SciFiNow Magazine, Coleman said: “For Clara that’s really difficult, because with Matt’s Doctor, she was always quite safe with him. She knows that he would catch her, whereas this guy, she isn’t quite sure if he will or not, and he doesn’t quite know himself yet either. He’s trying to find out what kind of Doctor he is, if he is a good man or who he is now, and that’s a discovery for him as well.”

Peter Capaldi said: “I think she finds it very difficult to deal with him. He doesn’t really do much to change himself in order to make himself palatable for her, so she struggles a great deal to understand him and find a way to like him. He’s not a walk in the park.”

Coleman added: “The new Doctor is unapologetic and a lot less patient. He’ll get the same job done, but he won’t beat around the bush at all; he’s straight to the point, he’s direct, he hasn’t got the patience of a human. He’s a lot fiercer, bolder, darker, but he’s got this curiosity, this mad curiosity… He’ll keep pushing the line further and further into danger to try and satisfy his curiosity, to try and find things out.”

On the day-to-day life of Clara Oswald, Coleman said: “In the same way we had Victorian Clara leading a double life, this Clara has a life of home, school, her domestic life, her domestic bliss, her flat in Shoreditch, and then the Doctor will bring the TARDIS and land in the bedroom or land in the stationary cupboard at school, and then she’ll go off on her adventures. But she’s very strict about him returning her at exactly the right time so she doesn’t miss anything on Earth. So in a way she is kind of having her cake and eating it, but what she really doesn’t want is the double life to collide in any way. It has to be completely separate, and that is the control freak Clara coming through.”

Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman have provided some thoughts on the Twelfth Doctor.

Speaking to Empire Magazine, Capaldi said: “It can become a kind of franchise where it’s not a real character at all, but just an amalgam of elements that people think are Doctor Who: a scarf, a bow tie… I wanted to be the actual Doctor Who.”

“He’s more alien than he’s been for a while,” he continued. “He doesn’t quite understand human beings or really care very much about their approval.”

Jenna Coleman added: “With Matt’s Doctor, [Clara] felt quite safe, really. She knew she’d be caught if she was in danger, but this guy is a lot less human-friendly and a lot less patient. He’s more removed and accessible. You can’t quite access him in the same way.”

Doctor Who Series 8 will begin on Saturday, 23rd August on BBC One.

The Doctor Who World Tour will touch down in Mexico City on Sunday, 17th August.

Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman will appear at the Teatro Metropólitan theatre in Mexico City for a screening of the opening episode of Series 8, ‘Deep Breath’, followed by a Q&A session.

Further details on the activities taking place throughout the day, and ticket information will be announced very soon.

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