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Steven Moffat has said Series 8 will be “more serious” and the episodes will have larger “consequences”.

Speaking to SFX Magazine, Moffat said: “I think it feels more serious. One of the watchwords we have this year is there are consequences for choosing to live like this. It’s not a fairytale.

“If you have people back home, if you run away it’s going to have an effect on them. And it’s not necessarily always going to be lovely. And does the Doctor make you better? We want to make it feel that these adventures can hurt…”

Moffat went on to talk about Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor: “He’s not as immediately approachable and he’s not necessarily looking for your approval.

“I would like to restore the sense that when he says ‘Wait here, I’ll be back’ you really hope he’ll be back, but you’re not absolutely convinced… What he’s not doing is reassuring you very much.”

Speaking on Clara’s relationship with Capaldi’s Doctor, he said: “From a Doctor she could sort of control, because he had a crush on her, she’s landed with a Doctor, who barely registers that she’s a girl. They’re great friends and all that, but she has to be his human interface with everybody else.”

Doctor Who Series 8 will begin on Saturday, 23rd August on BBC One.

New Doctor, New Monsters and Old Enemies… If you’ve not yet seen it (or fancy another watch), here’s the full length trailer for Doctor Who Series 8.

An unfinished version of the opening episode of Doctor Who Series 8, ‘Deep Breath’ has leaked online.

Following the leak of five scripts from Peter Capaldi’s first series, the leaked footage is black and white, heavily watermarked and lacking in visual effects.

Speaking at London Film and Comic Con, Steven Moffat described the leak as “horrible, miserable and upsetting for the Doctor Who team”.

BBC Worldwide said in a statement: “This is part of BBC Worldwide’s ongoing security investigation into leaked unfinished Doctor Who materials.

“This content is currently being removed and originates from the same Miami server disabled last week, it is not a new issue.

“We’d like to thank the amazing Doctor Who fans who are continuing to keep fansites and social media spoiler-free.”

No leaked material will be posted to Doctor Who 24/7, and we will be closely monitoring our groups to ensure that they remain completely free from spoilers!

Doctor Who Series 8 will begin on Saturday, 23rd August on BBC One.


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