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Today is the ninth day of ‘Doctor Who Weekends’ on Watch (Sky 109, Virgin 124). See the full schedule for today below:

2:00pm - The Doctors Revisited: The Ninth Doctor

Looking at the actors who have played the Time Lord in the world’s longest-running sci-fi series. Christopher Eccleston’s foes included the Autons, the Daleks and the Slitheen.

2:30pm - Doctor Who: Bad Wolf

The first of a two-part story with Christopher Eccleston as the mysterious hero. The Doctor, Rose and Captain Jack fight for their lives on board the Game Station.

3:30pm - Doctor Who: The Parting of the Ways

It’s the final bow for Christopher Eccleston’s Doctor as he makes the ultimate sacrifice to save Rose. The Dalek Emperor launches an attack on Earth.

Five things we’ve learnt from the poster for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special, ‘The Day of the Doctor’.

1. Bad Wolf is back!

2. A broken TARDIS door? Is someone trying to blow up the TARDIS again?

3. Talking of broken doors, this Gallifreyan symbol suggests that we’ll be visiting Gallifrey again. Are those Daleks exploding during the Time War?

4. David Tennant still has awesome hair.

5. The Doctor wears giant boots now. Giants boots are cool.

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