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Doctor Who should be used to teach Religious Studies, according to an expert at the University of Manchester.

Dr. Andrew Crome, himself a Doctor Who fan, and lecturer in the History of Modern Christianity at the University of Manchester, has said that Doctor Who has given viewers a wider understanding of religious traditions.

He therefore recommends that it be used to help teach Religious Studies in schools.

“In many ways, Doctor Who charts British attitudes to religion over the course of those 50 years,” said Dr. Crome. 

“Over the show’s long history on television – and in various spin-off TV shows, audio adventures, novels and comic books – religion and religious themes have consistently been a subject of interest.”

“The show has attracted everything from Church of England conferences dedicated to its use in preaching, to guest appearances by Richard Dawkins.”

“Religion has always had some role within the universes of Doctor Who and I would argue there is a good case for using Doctor Who to teach Religious Studies.”

Dr. Crome has identified examples of the appearance of religion and religious allegories in Doctor Who but says the exact focus has varied throughout the years.

“There’s no single theme: in the 1970s, you might argue there was subversive element in that a number of Doctor Who episodes were critical of religion.”

“But other episodes have endorsed different beliefs in that believers see the show as a way to define themselves.”

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