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John Barrowman has expressed his pride at playing Captain Jack Harkness in Doctor Who.

In an interview with the Radio Times, Barrowman said: "I was the first male person ever to kiss the Doctor. It kind of blew over everyone’s head. It wasn’t till about five episodes later that everybody went ‘Oh my God! Yeah, you kissed him!’ And that was it."

"I am absolutely proud of being a part of it. You’ve got these young teens in school being bullied because of the sexuality that they are just discovering."

"They write to me all the time to say that Captain Jack helped them be strong and positive about themselves, rather than hiding and being embarrassed. It was a great, great thing to have a hero who really doesn’t give a s**t who he kisses."

Barrowman also revealed that he has got over his initial disappointment at not being invited to appear in the 50th Anniversary special, ‘The Day of the Doctor’.

"Of course I was disappointed in the first instance, but things have to move on," he explained.

"Anybody who’s a fan and who’s been in the show would have liked to have been invited back, but it just didn’t happen and there’s no sense crying over spilt milk. It’s going to be a great anniversary show and I’ll be watching like everybody else."

'The Day of the Doctor' will air on Saturday, 23rd November on BBC One, and will simulcast worldwide.

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